Your doctor and mechanic have more in common than you think

Who wants to take a visit to the doctor? That’s a question that will elicit an awkward silence in most rooms outside of a medical supplies convention. The same goes with visits to your local auto repair shop. When you think about it, though, your doctor and auto mechanic have much more in common than

Know your rights when it comes to vehicle warranties

Debunking the myths about vehicle warranties So, you just bought that brand new BMW X5 of your dreams, and you want to keep it properly maintained. Even if your kids have erased that new car smell weeks ago, you still want the performance that you would expect from your BMW. Plus, your warranty requires that

How to jump start a battery

How to jump start a car battery Vast improvements have been made in the automotive industry over the years, and battery advancements have increased performance, reliability and longevity. Dead battery moments have been on the decline with the prevalence of automatic headlights, too. However, we all find ourselves in a time when our vehicle or

Maintaining your vehicle in a pandemic

Strange times  If there was ever a year to have a downtick in regular health screening and well being checks, it seems like rather odd timing that 2020 would be that year. Here we are, though, and as I read through an article from U.S. News in June describing the decline in primary care visits

Putting a stop to breast cancer

Cancer sucks. Period. Unfortunately, all too many of us know someone who has been affected by some sort of cancer during our lives. As the world focuses on many issues, one that still remains is the impact of the most prevalent form of cancer, breast cancer. One organization out there fighting for a cure is

Should I Worry About Engine Sludge?

What It Is & How to Prevent It Engine sludge can be very problematic for car owners, but many are not even sure what it is or how to look for it. What is engine sludge, and what can you do to prevent it? Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, Ohio has some advice to help

Is It Dangerous to Drive With Bad Alignment?

A Proper Wheel alignment Will Keep Your Vehicle Tracking Straight Some auto maintenance issues seem more like a nuisance than a danger. If you notice signs of improper wheel alignment, you may not consider it a priority repair. Learn how improper alignment can create further auto issues and discover a premier auto repair shop in

3 Common Radiator Problems

Don’t Let your vehicle lose its Cool The internal combustion that creates the torque necessary to move your vehicle generates massive amounts of heat with each explosion, and the engine needs some way to cool itself off. At Evan’s Auto Care, we understand the importance of knowing how your car works. If you see indications

My Car’s Oil is Dirty! Should I Change It?

When to Change Motor Oil Diligent vehicle owners regularly inspect their motor oil because they know the dangers of using bad motor oil. But is it true that the oil should be changed if it’s dark and dirty? The pros at Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, Ohio are here to explain what you need to