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If you’ve seen a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road with clouds of steam rushing out from under the hood, chances are the radiator has busted. This is probably the end result of an engine that has overheated. To avoid being stranded on the side of the road, motorists should always pay attention to their temperature gauges. Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, OH is experienced in performing all cooling system services, including quality radiator repairs and replacements. There are many reasons for your radiator’s malfunction. Our goal is to get a look under the hood in time to catch any leaky hose, faulty water pump, failing thermostat, faulty radiator fan, and more. All we need is your vehicle and your trust, and we’ll make sure you’re never caught off guard on the highway. We get your radiator repairs right the first time.


We Fix Fans, Thermostats & Leaks

A broken thermostat is a common cause for a vehicle’s overheating. It’s not part of the radiator but it controls the amount of coolant that goes into the radiator to keep it at a safe temperature. Without the thermostat, the vehicle will quickly overheat. The radiator hose can have leaks which prevent coolant from flowing efficiently between the radiator and the engine. Leaks in the radiator are harder to find and repair than the leaks in the hoses. When there are bubbles or steam coming from the radiator, this is typically the location of the leak. Evan’s Auto Care knows how to repair any problem with your radiator’s parts or any components throughout the cooling system. Many cards use electric fans to keep the vehicle cool when it’s idle and at low speeds. Cars that overheat when idle or in traffic may have a radiator fan malfunction.

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We’ll take care of your vehicle’s cooling system. Bring your vehicle’s performance issue to us first! Feel free to use us for a second or third opinion before you receive an expensive repair. The temperature of your engine should be closely monitored by drivers. There are several components in the cooling system that are designed to protect the vehicle from overheating. Evan’s Auto Care is well-trained and experienced in all the auto services including radiator repairs. We stand behind all our auto repairs with a competitive service guarantee–2 Years / 24,000 Miles Warranty. Give us a call today at (513) 548-3796 to schedule your next radiator repair service. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now! Next time you’re in the area–9190 Plainfield Road–feel free to stop by. We gladly welcome all of our walk-in customers!

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