Five Steps You Can Take:

  1. Low coolant levels are a common cause of overheating. You can use water if you don’t have coolant available to top off engine coolant.
  2. Immediately turn off your AC. It puts a lot of strain on the engine.
  3. Put your heater on full blast. It won’t be very comfortable if outside temperatures are high, but it might be enough to save your engine by transferring heat away from it.
  4. When all else fails, find a safe place to pull over and turn off the engine. Let it cool down for at least 30 minutes with the hood propped open before starting it again. But be careful! The engine compartment and hood are likely very hot.
  5. If your car overheats and leaves you stranded, save yourself further stress by handing the problem over to professionals who can help. It’s time to call for a tow!

Know When to Call in the Professionals

What does a radiator do in car? In a nutshell, the radiator cools the engine using cool air to remove heat from the hot liquid coolant. While there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your engine’s temperature when it overheats, there may come a point where professionals should take over. If you aren’t sure if your steps are helping or hurting, it’s probably best to stop and wait for a tow. Trust us, it might be stressful but it could save you from a lot of trouble later.

Don’t ever pour cold water into a radiator that is still hot. Sudden temperatures changes can cause engine parts to crack. If a radiator leak isn’t the cause of the problem, there could be a malfunctioning electrical or mechanical component that will require experienced diagnosis and repair.

Radiator Repair at Evan’s Auto Care

If your car overheats in the Cincinnati area, you’re in luck. Evan’s Auto Care specializes in radiator repair to help drivers stranded in the summer sun. With 24-hour towing service and highly experienced mechanics, we are just the team to rely on when radiator trouble strikes. Our certified technicians are familiar with every hose, fan, pump and thermostat in the engine’s cooling system, as well as all common radiator malfunctions. That means we can repair any issues you might have with your car’s radiator to get you back on the road quickly.

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