It’s a beautiful, blue sky day for a relaxing drive. In fact, you are thinking that things just couldn’t get any better than they are right now. Then, you notice a yellow light on your dashboard. “That wasn’t there before,” you think to yourself. Suddenly, your bright cheery day is clouded by a daunting check engine light. You can start worrying and wondering about what is causing it, or you can call Evan’s Auto Care and let our certified professionals take over from here. A check engine light doesn’t have to derail your day when you have a team like ours for all your import vehicle’s needs. With the industry’s most advanced diagnostics equipment and years of experience, our ASE Certified technicians can handle any cause behind your vehicle’s check engine light.

What the Check Engine Light Means

The yellow light on your dashboard is a message to service your engine soon, or you might be at risk for a serious breakdown. A check engine light that hasn’t been addressed promptly will start to blink, which means it’s too late for you to drive to our shop safely but not too late for our team to help with a tow and make repairs. Our mechanics are familiar with the most common causes for check engine lights on all makes and models. So when you trust us to take a look under the hood, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive proper care the first time. Sometimes a loose gas cap might be the cause behind the check engine light, but a good mechanic is careful to make an accurate diagnosis before jumping into repairs.

Schedule Service for Your Check Engine Light

Remember that when your check engine light illuminates, there is one thing you need to do to avoid serious trouble. Head over to Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, OH or call ahead to schedule your appointment for service with one of our certified technicians. The faster you can get your car into our shop, the faster we can identify and address potential problems to get you back on the road again.

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