BMW knows that your vehicle is more than a mode of transportation to you. It is a luxury performance machine that deserves all the care and attention to keep every part in premium condition. That’s why BMW created four kinds of maintenance services and schedules to help their drivers protect the health and value of their vehicles. These factory recommended plans guide you through all the services your BMW needs, from routine oil changes to thorough safety inspections.

BMW Factory Maintenance Schedules

  1. BMW Intermediate Oil Service — The BMW Service Interval System alerts drivers when it is time for routine oil changes, which are the most common maintenance item. Most BMWs need oil changes every 5 to 10 thousand miles. Watch out for your car’s alert systems to determine when it is time for the next oil change.
  2. BMW Oil and Safety Service — In addition to regular service for oil changes, your vehicle requires thorough safety inspection of its important components. During safety service, a mechanic will check the brakes, signals, belts, hoses, engine fluids, steering and suspension, tire pressure, wipers and dashboard warning lights.
  3. BMW Inspection I (Inspection 1) — The Inspection I schedule, sometimes called minor service, includes an oil change, tire rotation, inspection, and filter check. See BMW’s recommended intervals for your specific model:
    • 1986-1998 Models — 20, 60, and 100 thousand miles
    • 1999 Models and Newer — 30, 90, and 150 thousand miles
  4. BMW Inspection II (Inspection 2) — Sometimes called major service, Inspection II checks engine fluids and filters, with variations for 3-series, 5-series, and other models. See recommended schedules for specific BMW models:
    • 1986-1989 Models — 40, 80, and 120 thousand miles
    • 1999 Models and Newer — 60 and 120 thousand miles

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