Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, Ohio, understands that drivers want the best from their vehicles and their investments. You deserve to know that the work our team puts into your vehicle makes a difference. Here are five ways that oil changes help your car.


Motor oil doesn’t last forever. That’s because dirt, dust, and other contaminants eventually find their way into the vehicle and mix into the oil. Dirty oil will continue circulating, carrying those contaminants with it until its replaced. An oil change removes harmful particles and replaces the old oil. Skipping oil changes can cause harmful build ups in the engine.


Another reason that old motor oil is bad for your vehicle is that it breaks down over time. Oil is enhanced to protect engine components better, but the additives eventually wear out. When that happens, the engine is more susceptible to wear, damage, and even failure. Curious about which additives could help your car? Ask one of our experts! We can find new motor oil that will protect your engine from damage. That means fewer repairs!


Dirty motor oil tends to thicken up. Not only could this clog parts, but it also makes it a lot harder for the engine to circulate it. It takes more power to move thick oil throughout the engine, placing increased strain on internal parts. Thick motor oil may also be ineffective at its most important role — controlling engine temperatures — leaving your vehicle susceptible to overheating and breakdowns.


Ideally, your vehicle’s engine will run powerfully for thousands of miles. The best way to help it get there is by following manufacturer recommendations for maintenance service — that includes regular oil changes. Regular check-ups into your car’s health ensure it will last for years to come. Get the most out of your investment with affordable oil changes throughout its lifespan!

Optimal Performance

Do you love the feeling of being pushed back into your seat when you press the gas pedal? A powerful engine needs clean motor oil to perform its best. That’s why your manufacturer has recommended a timeline for oil changes as part of routine preventative maintenance. Check with a professional or your owner’s manual for more details.

Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, Ohio doesn’t want you to spend money on needless service. Oil changes help your vehicle in so many ways!

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