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When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, preventative care is everything. Drivers who regularly invest in their car’s health will enjoy long-lasting, powerful engine performance, fewer unexpected repairs, and more! They generally get the most from their vehicle because they put in the time to protect it. A key service to include on your maintenance list is wheel alignment. Evan’s Auto Care in Cincinnati, Ohio provides accurate wheel alignment so vehicle owners can reap all the benefits of a healthy car. Here are all the ways wheel alignment helps!


Imagine pushing a shopping cart with a broken wheel. It’s harder because the one wheel is tugging in a different direction. Driving with poor wheel alignment is similar. It makes it harder for the engine to drive the vehicle without using extra energy. That usually means the engine will consume more fuel. The increased strain may cause parts to wear out more quickly. Overall, the small deviations in the wheel alignment make it impossible to get the most from your vehicle.


Poor wheel alignment is hard on the suspension system too. When wheels aren’t pointing in the proper direction, you may not feel like you have complete control over the car. It may feel like it is drifting in one direction, bouncing around turns, or fighting you when you turn the wheel. These are all reasons to get wheel alignment service and restore your complete control over the vehicle.


Every part on your car was designed to last — the tires being at the top of the list. They can take a beating from rough road surfaces, inclement weather, and constant friction. There’s one thing that can significantly decrease how long the tires last — poor wheel alignment. Tires and other parts are put under uneven strain when wheels are out of alignment. A tire may show more wear on one side or may entirely wear faster than the others. No one wants to replace parts sooner than necessary. If you’re going to get the most from your tires and all the other elements on your car, you have to make sure everything is running smoothly. Proper wheel alignment places the car’s weight evenly over all four tires.

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