Don’t Let your vehicle lose its Cool

The internal combustion that creates the torque necessary to move your vehicle generates massive amounts of heat with each explosion, and the engine needs some way to cool itself off. At Evan’s Auto Care, we understand the importance of knowing how your car works. If you see indications of one of these issues while driving around Cincinnati, it may be time for radiator repair.

Leaky Hose

While that sweet-smelling green liquid pooling under your car might be pretty to look at, its a sure indication of a problem. Hoses allow coolant to flow from your radiator to the engine and then cycle back, transferring heat along with it. While a leak might make you think it’s time for a new radiator, that’s usually not the case. It’s more common to have a failure with one of these hoses, which is a repair that’s important but not as extensive as other possibilities.

Faulty Thermostat

You know it when the thermostat breaks in your home during a heatwave. Rest assured, your engine is going to feel the same when that component goes bad. A thermostat regulates when the engine needs cooling, letting it reach its optimal running temperature before opening the coolant floodgates. If it’s not doing its job, the engine won’t heat up efficiently or will run too hot. Either way, your car is going to have issues with deposit buildup, and it may cause damage that makes major radiator repair a requirement.

Pump Failure

If coolant flows from the radiator to the engine and back, something has to be making it move. Enter the water pump, a component designed to ensure everything flows smoothly. Just like with the thermostat, a failure in the pump can result in coolant moving too quickly or slowly. Too fast, it doesn’t pick up enough heat and can’t cool effectively. Too slow, and it lets things get very hot. Even worse, the water pump can fail and let temperatures rise out of control!

The last thing you want to worry about is your car overheating. It’s important to take your vehicle in for radiator repair at the first signs of trouble. If you notice there’s an issue, make an appointment with a qualified mechanic right away to prevent a hot situation from boiling over!

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