Courtesy Loaner Cars and Shuttle

Making Your Auto Care More Convenient

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We know auto care and convenience don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Repairs often come when you least expect them and even planned things, such as scheduled maintenance, can make life more hectic – after all, most of us rely on our cars daily to get where we need to go.

That’s why we offer courtesy loaner cars and a shuttle service to keep your life moving, no matter what your vehicle needs. Whether it’s in the shop for an oil change or you need an extensive repair that may take a couple of days, we’ve got you covered. Use one of our loaners for the duration your car is in the shop (customers 25 and older, please) or, if you only need a drop-off and pick up in town, our shuttle is a great option.

So, if transportation is a block to your auto care, visit Evan’s – an auto shop with free loaner cars, a courtesy shuttle, and high-quality repairs and maintenance that will have you back on the road in no time.