Audi Coolant Leak Repair

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When you need Audi coolant leak repair in Cincinnati OH, contact Evan’s Auto Care. From oil changes and tire services to extensive Audi repair, we’ve been helping our community keep their European vehicles on the road since 1964. Our technicians are ASE-certified and have extensive expertise with Audis, providing dealership-quality auto parts and labor, so you can drive away with confidence. To make your auto care more convenient, we also offer a free shuttle and loaner cars and 6-months interest-free financing. Schedule your appointment for coolant leak repair by calling (513) 791-9761 or request an appointment online.

All vehicles have their own set of common issues, even a precision make like Audi. One of the most common issues we see with Audis is the need for coolant leak repair. Coolant leaks in Audis often occur from the coolant reservoir from the hoses that move the coolant through the engine – especially around where they connect to the engine itself. The hoses can develop porous hairline cracks over time, become brittle, or begin to deteriorate due to age. Sometimes the cracks can be on the inside of the hose, which can make it difficult to troubleshoot the issue. If you need a hose replaced for your Audi coolant leak repair, it’s generally a good idea to replace the neighboring hoses as well, as they’re likely the same age and could have hairline cracks, too. Some signs you may need an Audi coolant leak repair are:

  • You notice a puddle of pink, green, or orange fluid puddled under where you park your car. Depending on what’s causing the leak, you may also notice coolant on parts or in various areas under the hood
  • You notice a sweet aroma from outside the vehicle or while you’re driving
  • Your car starts running hot or overheating
  • If the coolant level drops too low, the low coolant dashboard light may also turn on.

What Should I Do?

If you believe you might need coolant leak repair, it’s best to schedule an appointment soon. Proper circulation of the coolant is important for keeping the engine running at a consistent operating temperature – and it prevents issues like overheating and engine damage.

In addition to Audi repair, we also offer comprehensive maintenance to keep your car performing its best. Schedule an appointment with us today or if you’re in the Cincinnati OH area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all walk-ins!